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1. Introduction:

Thank you for visiting my/our Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") of this website (hereinafter referred to as "web", "website" "site"). By simply browsing the site, a legal agreement is created between you - as users – and Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis resident of Maroussi, Athens, Aristeidou Street, no. 3, P.C.  15122, (hereinafter referred to as “site” “Dr. Chrys”, "manager", “I”, "we", "Us", "our") as manager for the site “Dr. Chrys”. Your access to the site, services and products offered through this website (hereinafter referred to as the "services"), the use and application of these services or products, as well as all types of transactions performed (e.g. downloading information/handouts, purchase and sales, scheduling of appointments, payments etc.), are subject to these Terms of Use. Navigating on the website, using the services provided and/or making a trade with me/us, you recognize and accept all current terms and your legal commitment to them, as well as the occasional updates which govern the relationship between me/us.

2. Amendments / Violations:

The “Terms of Use” may be modified (including transferring, removing or adding entries of your website use). The visitor is obliged to regularly visit the Terms of Use for any changes. site reserves the right to amend, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice to the user/consumer/visitor/member/buyer (hereinafter together referred to as "user") of website (collectively or partially): a) all or part of the present Terms of Use, b) all or part of the services, c) all or part of the contents, videos, audios, presentations, structure, composition and technical specifications of website, as well as limited access to the entire website or a part of it and /or make part of it accessible only upon subscription. Also, the manager reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice to the user to cancel, suspend or terminate the site operation and is not responsible in case of access failure to our website for reasons beyond our sphere of influence, as well as due to technical or other network failure or to force majeure or accidental events. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, then you cannot access the website. After each Terms of Use modification the visitor of the website is automatically bound to the new Terms of Use. In case of disagreement or reservation from your part for part or entirety of these terms, please contact me/us before browsing or using the services or making transactions, or you can send me/us a letter to my our mailing address (contact@drchrys.com), otherwise the acceptance of all terms from you is without reservations. In case of violation of the Terms, site reserves the right to pursue the legal course of action to restore any violation. The rules and conditions of this website use refer to all visits and website use, both now and in the future.

3. Declaration on age:

By entering and/or using the site, you declare and verify that you are above eighteen (18) years old. Access and use of the site by minors is prohibited. Likewise, you must be over eighteen (18) years old for Services Use (for availability of psychological services to minors see below) and transactions with me/us. The website content is addressed exclusively to consumers over eighteen (18).

4. Purpose:

The purpose of the site is to provide online psychological information in a consumer - user friendly - manner, offer online services (e.g., videos, demonstrations, audiotapes, books, skype sessions). More specifically, the aim of this site is to provide services either onsite/on location or online for a) vocational and career guidance, b) trainings for mental health professionals, c) testing and assessment, d) counseling and supportive therapy – to individuals, couples, families and groups, e) conducting research, f) providing educational and treatment programs, g) organizing seminar/workshops and other mental health actions, h) collaborating with private and government/public agencies, as well as with mental health professionals, both in Greece and abroad. 

Overall, this site will promote and improve online mental health services, through informative and research articles, videos and written presentations of viewpoints and proposals for informative, educational, counseling, clinical, coaching and research purposes that could be submitted to institutions/agencies towards the innovation and progression of offered services. Furthermore, the site’s purpose also includes promotion and sale of psychological products, (e.g. videos, audiotape recordings, books, psychological tests) planning of events at the national and international level (e.g., organizing conferences and other events) with a central focus on improving the quality of the everyday lives of our clients-users and life in general.

5. Restrictions of access and use of the website:

Your connection to this site is with your own means and through companies and providers selected by you. Abuse, blockage or any operation disturbance of this website is not allowed. In addition, website’s content replacement or change is forbidden. You must not commit or encourage criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worm-type viruses, logic bombs or post any other malicious or technologically harmful material and generally actions that can lead to an unacceptable or excessive burden on the infrastructure or operation of the website. The use of this website in any other defamatory, offensive or obscene way is also forbidden. Additionally, you should not destroy data, violate property rights, send unsolicited advertising or promotional material (spam) or attempt to affect the performance or functionality of any site features or features to which you gained accessed through the website. It is forbidden to create any connection to imply any kind of relationship with me/us, or approval or support from me/us if such connection does not exist and has not been approved by me.

6. Links to other websites:

Links to any other website on this site are provided only for your convenience and information. If you use these links, you will leave the website of site. I/we do not review websites of third parties and I/we do not inspect or are liable for any content or any result may be caused by their use. Therefore, site does not enclose or represent in any way, any information, software or any products or material found in those websites. If you decide to access any website link which may be in this site, you do so entirely at your own responsibility.

7. Technical failures / maintenance:

Site does not bear the responsibility for the temporary website non-availability, for the termination of single or all website functions or website dysfunction. The site may temporarily be unavailable partially or wholly due to maintenance or other reasons, without the user being able to have any claim against the manager.

8. Third-party advertisements:

The site may display advertisements or other information: (a) in or to the side frame of the web place and subpages (b) and/or in connection with website content presentation and in any case without compensation to you. You understand and agree that the website may contain advertising or other relative information. Your correspondence with or business transactions with advertisers or your participation in promotion of advertisers located in or through the site, including payment and supply of goods or services, and any other terms, regulations, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and the advertiser.

9. Copyright, Software and Content:

The manager owns and retains all rights, titles and interests worldwide, including all rights related to the relevant copyright in and by the website, including images, texts, audiovisual or other material, both within and by the website. The site includes copyrighted material, corporate logos and other forms of proprietary information that belong to site and the manager and guaranteed by copyright laws. You are not entitled to copy, modify, publish, transfer, spread, translate, present, exhibit or market any information held by me/us (including software or commercial signals) without our prior explicit permission and in case you are given such authorization, the information (or logo or software) may be presented with an explicit reference of the source, namely site. Under no circumstances should the appearance and promotion of this website’s content be construed as license transfer and/or right of use. You can save, print and display the available content exclusively for personal use. Any action that may risk, restrict or interfere with the website’s rights is prohibited. You agree that all titles and copyrights pertaining to and from any third party displayed on the website or not included on the site, but to which you have access through website use, belong to the respective owners of these information, and are protected by copyright laws. These titles and copyrights have no relation or connection with site, unless explicitly stated otherwise. We do not invoke nor guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or content on any products or services, software or ads contained on this site, that is distributed through the website, as well as the content of third parties which is referred to through site’s hyperlinks or the website gives you access to.

10. Contact / use e-mail:

You can contact me/us via the website through the Contact section.  At this point and in order to arrange an appointment, you will be asked to compulsorily record your first name, your last name, your e-mail address, your phone and then write the request that concerns you. These data are completely protected and will not be given to third parties beyond the exceptions of the law. It is emphasized that you have absolute responsibility that the information provided to me/us is correct, updated, true and exclusively owned by you without access from third parties as they contain sensitive information. For this reason, please inform me/us of any changes of your contact information (change of address, e-mail, phone, Skype account). In any case, the site does not bear any responsibility for any breach of your phone or e-mail address by third parties. Also, the site bears no responsibility in case of communication failure, for example if the contact information is incorrect, invalid or outdated. Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis will attempt up to two phone calls and will send two e-mails within the shortest time from the day you made the contact. If all the above contact attempts fail, then your personal information will be deleted and you will have to contact me/us as if for the first time. Alternatively, you can contact me/us either by sending a message at the email:  contact@drchrys.com, or by calling +30 210 61 28 950 or by sending a letter to the address Aristeidou 3, P.C. 15122 Maroussi, Athens, Greece. Time interval of our response to you depends on means of communication (shorter response interval in case of e-mail communication) and where you live (in case of ordinary mail - if you want to communicate only through ordinary letter - unless you request other means of communication e.g. courier, registered/express mail at your own expense). You are requested to use phone or Skype communication to arrange or cancel appointments, and not for brief discussions with the therapist – with exception of exceptionally unusual situations. Furthermore, we inform you and you accept according to the present Terms of Use that we can make use of your e-mail to inform you, mainly for various seminars, to which you can register online through the website, and other matters, always related with the site. If you do not wish to receive such messages, please send an e-mail to new e-mail, with subject "DO NOT ACCEPT INFORMATIVE E-MAIL».

11. Therapy/Appointments:

In your first contact with us, you are asked to provide me/us with specific personal details (full name, mother’s name, father’s name, age, address, phone number) and information about any previous contact with me/us, description of the issue that concerns your request for therapy, suggest hours for appointments (except national holidays) and means of therapy sessions, i.e. in-person or through distance (i.e., skype). By providing the above information, you declare that you accept processing of data you provided to me/us for the purpose of appointment coordination, for respective sessions or for any other reason when there is a need to contact you as part of the provided (informative reasons). Note that in each stage you are necessarily asked to formally give your consent concerning processing of your personal information by signing - with proof of signature authenticity – the corresponding consent form that will be given/sent to me prior to the initiation of your therapy sessions. For your appointment planning, note that at the end of your first meeting, if you decide to start treatment, you will be given an intake assessment package and a regular appointment (i.e., once or twice a week). Also, please do notify in a timely manner in case of appointment cancelation so as rescheduling may be most effective. In case of appointment cancellation without warning, we inform you that you will be charged normally, with exception of extremely urgent cases.

12. Ways of conducting sessions:

A) Physical Presence: You are invited to come to Dr.  Chrys’’ office, namely in Maroussi, Athens, Greece on Aristeidou Street no. 3, on the second (2nd) floor, the time that you have booked the appointment. To avoid delays and interference of session schedule, please arrive at least five (5) minutes prior to your planned appointment.


B) By Distance: The sessions by distance are conducted online via Skype or via phone communication at the agreed upon scheduled time. If you are not already a Skype user, you are asked to install the relative software (on your computer - or whatever other device you may use, in whatever form serves you - for information see here: http://www.skype.com/el/downloadskype/skype-for-computer). Dr. Chrys is not responsible for the software installation. In case of phone communication sessions you are obliged to have a telephone in operation. Specifically, we have no liability for software use or for any damage that may be caused when you install it on your computer, as you are bound by the terms of use and privacy policy of service (quality and service availability, any possible charges etc.). 

In order to be able to use the Skype service, please create an account and exchange contact details with me, or request phone communication, or e-mail messaging or meeting at Dr. Chrys’ office. Since eye contact and non verbal communication is regarded as particularly important, please have a camera connected during sessions. Also, we shall not be liable if for any technical reason the session cannot take place or the session is interrupted e.g. in case of telephone network or computer failure or, Internet overload, problems in relation to Internet service provider etc. Note that if the meeting is not held at all, there will be no charge as is the case, if an interruption occurs, due to weather conditions. If the interruption is due to any other reason, regardless of culpability or not of the therapist, the charge normally applies. If you wish a session replacement, you can set a new web session in collaboration with Dr. Chrys, which will be charged as agreed.

Furthermore, sessions can be individual, group, couple or family. The sessions may be conducted in Greek or in English according to your preference. It goes without saying that the use of any of our services is prohibited if under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and in case of abuse towards members of Dr. Chrys’ Staff will bring your expulsion from the services in the office or virtual, including termination of your sessions and an incident report to the public authorities. All therapy sessions last 50 minutes, except couple, family and group sessions with last between 65 – 90 minutes. 

13. Assessment Forms:

To better assess the nature of your difficulties, you are initially asked to fill in a Biographical Information Questionnaire, a personality test and other tests which are considered necessary for the best assessment of your issue/problem. In addition, each month, in collaboration with Dr Chrys you will be provided with a reassessment to monitor your progress that will provide  information to better plan your future session/meetings as effectively as possible. Your cooperation in completing these forms is very important and will give me the opportunity to serve you better. Sensitive personal data relating to these tests are protected by information confidentiality in accordance with the Ethics Code of the Greek Psychologists Association and Greek legislation. Finally, with the completion of your therapy, you will be given some specific tests. After completing these forms, you will be provided with feedback during your last session by your therapist. These questionnaires will include parts according to which you will inform me about how I/we have helped you, how I/we could have helped you more, and/or about the usefulness of the therapy overall. We appreciate the time you spend on completing these forms.

14. Treatment to minors:

If the recipient of psychological services is a child or an adolescent, regardless of session type (physically present or by distance) consent from the minor’s legal representative is taken in advance. Specifically, the legal representative is given/forwarded the corresponding “Consent Form for Psychological Services provide to Children/Adolescents” to complete and sign – with signature validation. Articles 11 & 12 also apply here as well. 

15. Scientists - Professionals:

Scientists in the field of mental health care can, if they wish, become followers of the site.  Furthermore you can benefit from being a follower by gaining up to date information about events, special offers and the latest programs and products I/we offer. Also, you are invited to take part in seminars, workshops and conferences that are organized at a regular basis and for which you will find information posted on this site. At the same time, you can 'download' digital materials as a tool for his/her therapy. While some of these products have a fee (e.g., videos, book) others are free.


16. Payments:

Payment of services can be made through the use of paypal or through my secretary, except for group therapy, which is prepaid for the entire month at the first meeting of every month. Upon payment at the Secretary’s Office, you will be given a receipt that you can use for invoice/insurance purposes. In the case of online sessions for those of you who live outside of Athens, the proof of payment will be sent to you at the postal address you indicated to us. If you live in Athens, you may also receive your receipt or a hard copy of an invoice from the Secretary’s Office, irrespective of the type of session received. As any insurance compensation depends on each insurance company, we do not guarantee that you will receive compensation and we are not responsible in the case where you are not compensated. The one hour individual session fee is 90 €.  Monthly group sessions cost 150 €.

If appointments are canceled without notice, the whole session fee is changed. This debt needs to be paid at your next appointment. If however, the cancellation is due to something urgent, another session can be scheduled without charge on another time distinct from your weekly appointments, in consultation with your therapist. If you decide to end therapy, you should notify two weeks in advance for closure purposes. Otherwise you will be charged for the two week period. In case of distance sessions payment is required before your appointment (or interrupted session) at the National Bank account no. 180 / 200573-54 (IBAN GR 59 0110 1800 0000 1802 0057 354), owner of which is Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis.

Payments are available through paypal or credit card. 

17. Confidentiality / Personal Data Rights:

All sensitive, personal information is protected by the confidentiality of information according to the Greek Psychologists Association Code of Ethics and the Greek legislation. Anything said, or recorded during sessions is treated with strict confidence as information exchanged within the framework of the sessions is absolutely confidential from a legal, moral and ethical viewpoint. This means that any information you give me/us is sensitive personal information and are utilized for educational, supervisory, research or other purposes if and only when you provide your consent to do so through signing the "Psychological Services Consent Form” which will be provided/sent to you before you start your therapy sessions. In this form, you are asked to authenticate your signature and return it to me/us prior to your first therapy session. We inform you that in any stage of your treatment, you may change and decline consent and to request the correction or deletion of your personal information through a written letter according to article 13 n. 2472/1997. You also have the right to seek, through a written letter, information on the data relating to you, such as their nature, origin, the purposes of processing and recipients in accordance with Article 12 n. 2472/1997, while you will be informed in advance of the data manager, purpose of collection and processing, as well as the data recipients according to the article 11 n. 2472/1997.

18. Protection of personal data:

Personal information are considered data that can determine the individual’s identity while as sensitive data this information relates to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, health, social welfare and sexual life, on prosecutions and convictions, as well as membership in relation to the above associations. This information can also be related to your mental health, your medical history, alcohol or drug use etc. To provide you with services in the best possible way, I need to gain access to private information from you. The above mentioned data are fully protected by me/us according to the applicable Greek and European legislation but also to the Greek Psychologist Association’s Code of Ethics, subject to legal provision, prosecutor's order, or public service instruction or formal preliminary examination. The protection policy contains what is stated on the protection and treatment of personal data in Articles 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17 of these terms. Manager of personal and sensitive information is Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis. Your data are confidential and are not shared with third parties. Only with your written consent can information be shared (i.e., to medical doctors) while site will demand, to the every extent possible, that the interested third parties do not use your personal information for any business purposes. You already stated and agree to give permission to use (including to Dr.  Chrys’’ staff) your personal information for appointment reminders, clarifications on payment, archiving, evaluation, billing and customer service, service management and generally any procedural routine action that is necessary for the proper functioning of Dr. Chrys’’ office and site - Dr Chrys. Additionally, you will be asked for your written consent in case you need information to be exchanged with your doctor or if we believe that it is in your best interest to give personal information that will help your case (i.e., a family member) or if we believe that we need to work with other organization (e.g., hospitals, social services and welfare services, lawyers, nursing homes etc.). It goes without saying that your personal information will be provided to third parties upon written request from you according to your will, and it is being understood that at any time you may alter consent and refuse release of information in writing.

19. Non substitution of the user – psychologist relationship:

The information provided and posted in this site are purely informative, educational and empirical in nature and are intended to support, and not to replace, the relationship that exists between visitor/user of the site and the existing psychologist/therapist. The information provided should be examined in light of individual assessment of each case by each psychologist/therapist. Site and any person connected with it have no responsibility for the consequences that may be experienced by customers/users that make any use of the information provided on this website. Any information given is done in good faith, but it is not enough in itself to lead to treatment, and it does not replace professional psychological and/or medical advice, diagnosis or therapy. Do not ignore in any circumstances professional psychological and/or medical advice in seeking treatment, due to an announcement or informative material that you read on this site. The same applies to everything contained in this site, indicatively blog, video, literature, articles, research, readings, books or any online tests. Also note that therapy on web may prove to be less effective per case, as it neither replaces nor substitute conventional treatment. Therefore, your therapist may decide that your case fits conventional face-to-face therapy and not the internet therapy (or therapy through skype). If you still prefer or stick to therapy conducted through the internet (or therapy through skype), then this is entirely your own responsibility in relation to its results. In addition, the therapist reserves the right to refuse to provide distance services or services through the internet; if it is in her opinion your case necessarily needs your physical presence.

20. Exemption:

You agree to defend, reimburse and keep the website and the manager intact of the claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, costs and responsibilities (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) in conjunction with or as it arises from your: (a) violation or breach of Term of Use or any law, referred here or not, or (b) violation of a third party’s rights. When other users or third parties raise claims against the manager for violating their rights by use of website by a user, that user releases site from all claims and bears the costs of legal advocacy of site (including judicial and attorneys' fees). These conditions also apply in the event the site ceases to operate for any reason.

21. Disclaimer:

Use of the site is solely at your own responsibility. The manager makes every effort, within the framework of the technological inspection carried out at regular intervals, so that services, the content and transactions on the website are carried out smoothly and without interruption and maintain the high level of security that is available. However, contents of this website are provided without guarantees, conditions or other guarantees of their accuracy. Site is not responsible for incorrect or invalid content posted on the website or in connection with the Services, the Software or other products or services, whether website users are responsible or any equipment or programming linked or used by the website. Site does not assume any responsibility for any error, omission, problem, delay in operation or transmission, problem regarding communication, theft or destruction or not unauthorized access to or alteration in user communications. Site is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone or internet line, on-line computer systems, servers or providers, in computer equipment, software, in electronic communication malfunction or software reproduction due to technical problems or traffic overload on the Internet or at any website or combination of the above, including damage to users or to any personal computer belonging to another person associated or resulting from participation or material download in connection with the Internet and/or in relation to Services. Site is not responsible for any loss or damage which can be caused by virus attack or other technologically harmful material that may infect your hardware, your software, your data or other proprietary material due to use of this website or download of any material posted on this or on any website attached thereto. In no case will site assume liability for any loss or damage, including personal injuries or death that may arise from the use or inability to use the site or Services, software or other products or services or any other content posted on the Website or transferred to users or by any relationship between users online or offline. The website and the services provided "As is" and site expressly disclaims any responsibility. Site cannot guarantee and does not promise specific results from the use of the site and/or Services. In addition, subject to mandatory provisions the site liability for direct damage due to minor negligence irrespectively of the legal ground, for indirect or consequential damages is expressly excluded - for whatever reason and in any case site liability to you for any reason, and regardless of the form of action, will be limited to any time to the amount of payment, if so, by you to the site for the Services, Software, or other products or services. It is understood that all the above that are related to the exclusion of liability applies to any franchisor, distributor, agent, contractor, trustee, associate, partner or any relationship with the manager physical or legal persons.

22. Terms of contract:

If some specific terms of these Terms of use are rendered totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, the power and/or validity of the remaining provisions or part of the remaining terms is unaffected. The remaining provisions remain valid and binding on the parties. Any delay in exercising any right does not cause weakening neither is treated as resignation, which may be exercised at any time by the parties.

23. Applicable law and jurisdiction:

The present terms are governed exclusively by the Greek law and construed in accordance with the Greek laws. The site does not guarantee that the services or content of this website is suitable for use or accessible abroad and access to them from regions where the content is illegal or prohibited are illegal and prohibited. Disputes that might arise between you and site, the manager or other scientific or civilian personnel of Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis, the licensor, representative, agent, contractor, trustee, partner, or any physical or legal person in any way related to the manager, are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens or courts of Maroussi, Athens, Greece.